ROCKPORT SITS ON THE TIP OF CAPE ANN, forty miles north of Boston, and is easily accessible by air, rail, road, and boat. It’s a different world once you’re here—you can walk everywhere. Just unpack, unwind, and enjoy the fresh ocean breezes and the luminous northern light.

Massachusetts’ “other cape” is comprised of the towns of Rockport, Gloucester, Essex, and Manchester-by-the-Sea, and offers many opportunities for enjoyment and enlightenment. And, it’s an especially good place to rest and find peace.

Cape Ann is blessed with an abundance of natural characteristics that conjure up romance and adventure—water views everywhere, picturesque coves and necks, rocky shores, and sandy beaches.Rockport, MA

Just listen to some of the place names—Lobster Cove, Halibut Point, Pigeon Cove, Singing Beach, Bass Rocks, Loblolly Cove, Pebble Beach, Gap Head, Bearskin Neck, Hoop Pole Cove, Old Garden Beach, Rum Rock Lake, Canney’s Quarry, Plum Cove, Kettle Cove, and Norman’s Woe.

Cape Ann has long enjoyed the company of artists, photographers, writers, musicians, craftspeople, antique dealers, retirees, and just about anyone in search of mystique and charm. American history abounds everywhere, the first settlers having arrived in the 1620s.

Life can be good!

Front Beach in Rockport, MA